Welcome to the Jug Dealer website!

If you are a collector who has a passion for whisky jugs or water jugs (pitchers), we may have something to interest you. Even if you are not a collector why not just browse through the following pages, perhaps they may inspire you to start your own collection!

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Alan and Jo Waterhouse, we are ex-publicans who also happen to enjoy the odd wee dram or two, and over the years we have developed our own collection of whisky jugs and other items of breweriana. We decided that if we like collecting them, maybe other people do too, so we started this website especially for people like us.

We do treasure our collection, although relatively speaking it's not very big (yet). We have, however, duplicated some of the items over the years and we are happy to make these available for sale to other collectors. We do have many more whisky jugs than we show on the website, so if there is something you want and we don't have it displayed here then please get in touch. We may have the very jug you're looking for.

The ceramic jugs relate mainly to various Scottish Highland distilleries (some no longer in existence in their own right), who produce wonderful malt and blended whiskies. Many distilleries now use glass jugs to advertise their products so we have included a selection of glass jugs too. We also have some nice items from Irish whiskey distillers.

Our beer and lager jug section may be attractive to collectors who are interested in breweries, both past and present. We also have a selection of advertising figures, bar pump heads, pub mirrors, advertising trays, pub clocks and the odd bit of Guinness memorabilia.

As smoking is no longer allowed in public places, ceramic advertising ashtrays are becoming more collectable. We have a number for sale in the vintage ashtray section, and a section for water jugs which advertise tobacco related products - we are sure these will become more difficult to get hold of in the future. We have also added some new pages which contain a variety of smoking related memorabilia, from a time when smoking was considered fashionable, which might interest anyone who collects tobacciana.

We are always pleased to hear from anyone who has either individual items or collections to sell and we are also happy to offer advice on the history or value of items - within our limited knowledge.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our website. Cheers!

This website was last updated on 18th April 2021.

If you are a customer from outside the UK, please contact us by email before placing your order so that we can be sure we are giving you accurate shipping costs to your location.