Vintage Pocket Cigarette Lighters

Pocket cigarette lighters are very popular with collectors, whether they have been smokers or not, and there are a huge selection of pocket lighters still being produced, though today most are designed to use modern lighter fuel. Here we have tried to concentrate on listing vintage petrol lighters from the 1960's or earlier - we hope you will enjoy browsing through. We have also included associated items such as service kits.

Please note that all of our pocket lighters are supplied empty to ensure that they are shipped safely.

The following items are for sale. Please click on the small thumb nail of the following photographs for a larger view. If you would like to buy an item and you are in the UK , please use the buttons provided below. If you are outside the UK, please email us with details of the items you would like to buy and your delivery address. We will then advise you of the shipping price.


The following cigarette lighters have already been sold but we have left them on the website as we thought collectors might enjoy looking through them.